President’s Message

    Established in 1931, the Hong Kong & Kowloon Timber Merchants Association is the first of its kind in the Hong Kong timber industry. We are able to withstand the test of time to become the only professional timber association in Hong Kong today.


    We have always upheld and promoted our missions and objectives, advancing our member’s operations, safeguarding the interests of our industry and its participants, actively supporting the needs of the Hong Kong society and nurturing the younger generation to join the industry. HKTMA is also heavily involved with community affairs, continuously giving back what we received from the society.


    The timber industry and the Hong Kong community have unsevered ties, relying on each other and growing with each other. From the early days when locals use domestic wood for burning and warmth, to the sprouting up of squatters from the rush of new immigrants from Mainland China, and the industrial era where timber is used for packaging, and finally to the current age where wood is used for building skyscrapers and infrastructure, we have given our best whenever there is a demand from the Hong Kong community.


    It may be true that our industry no longer employs over ten thousand workers, but we will still do all we can to meet the needs of Hong Kong. It is with great pleasure that our industry is able to contribute to Hong Kong’s development, and we hope that we will continue to serve the Hong Kong population in the future times ahead.


    It is not easy for any association to maintain its vibrancy for so many years. Thankfully our predecessors have built a strong foundation for us, leaving us with many wise words of advice. With perseverance and innovation, our industry has prospered over time. Even more grateful is the fact that I am seeing more and more young people entering our industry. Not only has this greatly reduced the average age of our membership base and ensuring longevity of our Association, these new participants have succeeded the hardworking and practical traits of the industry, but at the same time brought in innovation and new ideas, aligning our industry with the most current societal developments. Regenerating our Association with younger regeneration is of utmost importance. Passing the baton gives all of us the motivation to continue forward.


    Hong Kong is the bridge between Eastern and Western culture, and one of the leading cities in the Greater Bay Area. Our Association can take advantage of this by promoting leading world class wood concepts, ensuring widespread and correct usage of wood as a source of exemplary raw material. This is not only beneficial to the society and the industry; it is also a direction for sustainable development for an Association that is almost a century old. 【中文】